Dan Levin
Board Member and Former COO of Box
Whatever you imagine yourself doing in Silicon Valley, Dan has probably done it - most likely more than once. He tried to start his first company as an undergrad at Princeton - Dan did an independent concentration because he wanted to study CS but wasn’t in the engineering school, and the only CS degree at the time was EECS. That startup attempt failed, but he succeeded on his third attempt at age 27 - building his PC software company up to about $10MM in revenue and 50 people before selling it. He later joined Intuit, the makers of TurboTax and Quicken and QuickBooks, where he led a team of close to two thousand people. Most recently, Dan left cloud content company Box in September after seven years as its COO. Dan is one of those rare tech leaders who has seen the entire journey from kitchen table to the New York Stock exchange, and we are delighted to welcome him back to Princeton!
Jacob Lee
Co-Founder of StdLib
Jacob Lee is a co-founder of StdLib, where he is working to onboard the next 20M developers. He graduated from Princeton in 2015 and spent a year at Google creating the Google Photos web app, before meeting his co-founder, Keith. He was also a former HackPrinceton participant. Outside of work, Jacob enjoys playing squash, other racquet sports, and Breath of the Wild. His favorite food spot on Princeton campus is Hoagie Haven. StdLib is the title sponsor of HackPrinceton, and we are proud to welcome them to campus this weekend!